Frequent Flyer Travel Paris has a customer satisfaction rate of 92 %. It is the highest score in the business travel sector.

Online benefits

With our online services, make your reservations anytime in full autonomy: 

  • Single, centralized and secured profile
  • Travel profile management (subscription cards, frequent travelers…)
  • Booking synchronisation with your calendar
  • Mobile app available on Iphone, Blackberry and Android
  • Comparative multi-display, access to market offers and practical information to organize your trips
  • Application of negociated rates
  • Online portfolio follow-up 24h/24
  • User support: User guide and individual and personalized training
  • Time saving, comfort, flexibility and travel costs reduction

Offline reservations

For complex business trips or if you need advice, you can contact the Travel Consultant assigned to your account.
In his absence, other Travel Consultants who are familiar with your requirements will take over.
Your dedicated Travel Consultant knows your work environment, your needs, your requirements and booking preferences. He is aware of your company’s business travel policy and the specifics of your business travel programs. He is familiar with your online booking tools, mission orders and expense reports.
Your Travel Consultant will listen to you. He is responsive and reliable. To meet your needs, he will strive for excellence.
You can make your requests by email or phone. There are no additional charge for the use of a dedicated phone number. Outside business hours, you can call our 24h/24 service at the same number.