Marc Leidelinger

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Marc Leidelinger, founder of Frequent Flyer Travel Paris.

Key dates

School of Transport and Logistics / Applied School of Tourism, Le Tremblay-sur-Marly (78)

- 91
Travel Agent, then agency manager, Paris Travel Centre and MTC Travel

Agency Manager, Bouzy Travel

Sales and operations Manager, Rosenbluth International

2001President of Frequent Flyer Travel Paris

2005Director of TourCom and TourCom Travel Management

From 2006Vice President of TourCom

From 2010 to 2015Board member of GSM Travel Management

From 2017CEO France Reed & Mackay

From dream to reality

The son of a history and geography buff; Marc Leidelinger discovered the world of travel early on. But the financial resources of the family - Dad was a teacher - do not stretch that far. Still, the boy was fascinated by world maps and read everything he could get his hands on.

He built model planes, trains, boats, cars of all kinds. During holidays, he toured France with his parents by foot, car, train, bicycle, trailer, houseboat and even donkey back. Virtually no area of France is unknown to him. At 12, Marc got down to business.

As part of a language exchange program organized by his fathers sister, who immigrated to Canada, he spent six weeks in North America. Wow! Montreal, Quebec, Kingston (Ontario), the Great lakes, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Cape Cod and New York with a stop on the outdoor terrace of the Twin Towers. "Years later, Im still shivering! Says the travel lover, recalling the 9/11 terrorist attack.