Frequent Flyer Travel Paris has been a member of TourCom and TourCom Travel Management since 2001.

The TourCom network is made of independent travel agencies spread all over France and known for their professional know how.

TourCom is the 2nd travel agency network in France. It has 1180 points of sale and radiates over 80 countries. Its turnover is
2.5 billion. Ticketing accounts for 65% of the members business and tourism 35%.

TourCom combines the dynamics of an independent agency with the financial and legal guarantees required by the clients.

Founded in 1990 as a GIE (Business Interest Grouping), TourCom has been chaired by its founder Richard Vainopoulos since then. In 2006, Marc Leidelinger became Vice President of TourCom and TourCom Affaires.