Our integrated service can prevent or manage crises

In 2011, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris signed an exclusive agreement with Scutum Security First (SSF) to acquire the SSF Locator software. In France, it is the only TMC to have integrated this geolocation service to alert its own business-travel clients. Alert messages are sent to passengers via massive or targeted SMS and emails sending. To this, we add the Emergency Travel Service (ETS), the emergency procedure triggered by a crisis.

The only ISO 14001 certified business travel agency

In 2011, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris was certified AFAQ ISO 14001 for its headquarters located 63bis avenue Ledru Rollin - 75012 Paris. The "certification" process was conducted by AFNOR Certification, one of the leading certification bodies worldwide, recognized for its ethics and experience. Being a green business travel Frequent Flyer Travel Paris increases its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) level in the interest of its employees, customers and suppliers.


A Department for support and R&D

A business travel agency operates in an environment that is increasingly specialized, complex and competitive. To respond to customers increasingly concerned by quality, we use high-tech tools. In 2012, an R&D department was created to investigate the tools of the future and adjust to specific customer needs. The department consists of two software engineers and five project managers. They also contribute to the support service and provide a precious assistance to the Travel Consultants working on the business platforms and to business users /travelers.


Electronic document management

A new challenge in 2014: the paperless process. Frequent Flyer Travel Paris launched an electronic work flow project. The aim: to get rid of paper. We are deploying a new system for the management, classification and archiving of documents. A smooth flow of information makes life easier for all the employees.


FFT Paris in digital age

Frequent Flyer Travel Paris est lagence de voyages daffaires qui vit dans lre du temps. Toujours laffut dinnovations dans le secteur du numrique et des nouvelles technologies, lagence se digitalise de jour en jour afin daccroitre sa productivit.

Frequent Flyer Paris is the business travel agency, which lives in the spirit of the times. Always on the lookout for innovations in digital and new technologies sector, the agency is digitalising day by day to increase its productivity.

Before, business travellers used their company credit cards to pay accommodation fares, low-cost or services via the web. To maximize the transactions management and to limit as much as possible fraudulent uses of their banking data, Frequent Flyer Paris has opted for the integration of the virtual credit card ViaXeo through the offer of its partner eNett. This unique and short-lived credit card allows the agency to pay a service online to a supplier on a client file. This is a more fluid and secured payment.
In France, the first telecommuting practises emerged in the 1990's with the arrival of the messaging service and other web technologies. The deployment of the Information and Communication Technologies in the agency explains that telecommuting, set up since 2005, is expanding and at the heart of its organisation. Today, 85% of the staff of Frequent Flyer Travel Paris, whatever the service, is telecommuting one day a week.


A change of shareholders for FFT Paris

Shareholders of Frequent Flyer Travel Paris let the totality of their equities to REED&MACKAY. Historical partners for almost 10 years, they continue their flourishing history with shared values and even a stronger expertise. The current situation requires to invest more and more to continue delivering a quality Premium Service: R&D technology, globalization and consolidation. This sale allows to continue a strategy of services development always more performant to meet a client demands more and more oriented to a multi-market administration needs in 24/7/365. Thanks to this operation, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris extends its field of action, reinforces its leadership position in the market and opens to international perspectives. This transfer means a change of shareholder without affecting either its activity or the work conditions of the collaborators. In 2017, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris and Reed&MacKay have respectively achieved their best year since their creation. This merger will hold and enrich the current performance level.

FFT Paris launches its mobile app FFTP@RIS COMPANION

Involved in its clients' satisfaction and always at the forefront of technology, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris enters into its business travellers' smartphones to make their life easier and this, at each stage of their journey. Knowing that more than 2/3 of their clients consider efficiency as an absolute priority during their trips, the advantages offered by the application increase their satisfaction. Among these advantages, the customer has access to the trip itineraries automatically integrated in the app, can have a look on his reservations, trips, flights and accommodation in real time and receive real time alerts in case of flights delays or cancelations, and so much more. The mobile app FFT Paris contributes to the agency relational strategy by an information management always faster and richer. With this innovation, it continues to create a value as close as possible to business travellers' needs.


Quality Policy and ISO 9001 Certification

Its been already 10 years that Frequent Flyer Travel Paris has initiated a sustained process in favor of its environmental policy. In 2017, the agency renews its ISO 14001 Certification for the third consecutive time, until 2020. Today, a new challenge in favor of customer satisfaction is raised easily: Frequent Flyer Travel Paris obtains, for the first time and without any nonconformity, the ISO 9001 certification.

Putting the customer at the heart of their value chain, investing in strong human resources, relying on successful strategic partners, aiming for growth and sustainability and striving for continuous improvement: such are their commitments at the heart of their quality policy. All this, with the sole objective: to increase client satisfaction.