Launch of the in-house 24/24 service

Since 2003, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris has been trying to outsource its 24/24 service to specialized companies. Without success. After six years of "brainstorming", the agency created its own 24/24 service. Today we are the only agency in France that provides a continuous 24/7/365 service with our own team of seven employees. The quality, consistency and reliability of FFTPs "24h Service" are recognized in the world of TMCs. So much so that a dozen other travel agencies elected to outsource their "24h Service" to Frequent Flyer Travel Paris.


Acquisition of high performance online tools

With the development of Internet in the 2000s the online era succeeded the offline era. In 2004, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris bought his first online booking tool. Now, the agency uses four softwares to meet the needs of its clients: Hotel Book, ProBook, CorpoPlus and EasyBook. They save time, and improve our reliability and flexibility. The offline is used for customized services and complex customer requests through a human contact - with a dedicated Travel Consultant. A system that is appreciated by FFTP clients.

The expansion of Frequent Flyer Travel Paris

At the beginning, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris, transforms an apartment located in the 12th district into a business travel center to regroup travel consultants. As the company grows, a second, third and forth apartment are rented. It appears that, in the building courtyard, an old furnitures wharehouses is vacant. Then, in 2006, Marc Leidlinger negotiates with the owner to rebuild and renew the warehouse. In 2008, the employees move into a brand new 500m2 loft, with exposed beams, design and art photographs close to the Bastille district and the Viaduct of "Arts et de la Coule verte". The staff now work in a high tech, trendy, and dynamic environement greatly appreciated by our customers.


A travel agency that pioneered teleworking

Frequent Flyer Travel Paris was a pioneer in the field of teleworking. As part of its commitment to promote the welfare of its employees, the agency started hiring employees who worked from home in 2007. Today the 24/7/365 team spends 95% of its time working from home . Other employees spend 2-3 days per week at home. We provide all the equipment and IT services needed. Frequent Flyer Travel Paris is currently experimenting with a "third location" concept: an office closer to the home of far away employees.


Think global, act Local

"Thinking globally, acting locally." Frequent Flyer Travel Paris developed a glocal business travel offer with local assistance for planetary requests. It relies on medium size local providers who pamper their clients. Corporate travel managers benefit from a standard reporting system and a consolidation at the local, regional and global levels.