Creation of a start-up in 2001

Frequent Flyer Paris is the leading business travel agency in France among the agencies managed by their founder.
Marc Leidelinger started working in the travel business in 1986. After going through all the steps of a career as a business travel agent he started his own company in 2001 ... shortly after the first Internet bubble. Familiar with all the tricks of the trade, he wanted to create a "Travel Management Company" that would be reactive, efficient, close to its clients. He wanted to cut through red tape of large business travel groups.
Marc Leidelinger made a 50-50 partnership with a London agency using the same name. This is where the name Frequent Flyer Travel Paris comes from. In 2005, he bought out his British partner.

Development of a strong professional network

When he worked as a salaried travel agent and then as an Account Manager at Rosenbluth International, Marc Leidelinger met lots of people in the business travel industry. He found out that all of them shared his ideas on the future of business travel. He asked former colleagues to join him and all agreed to come onboard. Many clients came along, followed by more former colleagues, new employees and more clients.

Renowned companies have chosen Frequent Flyer Travel Paris

Famous clients supported us right from the start. Others followed quickly. Most of them are still our clients. The Business Travel Consultants (BTC) can be proud to serve famed French companies.


The business travel revolution

In 2005, there was a change of business model. A revolution shaked the travel industry, especially in the ticketing activity after fifty years of behaviours. At this stage,the business travel agency shifted from a system based on commissions paid by the suppliers to the service provider to a system where the service provider is paid by his clients. They pay for the added value and the services provided. On April 1st, 2005, Frequent Flyer Travel Paris takes a sharp 180 turn. Fortunately the Agency had readied itself during eight months beforethe change and the transition is a success.