Customer knowledge - Specific Training program

All employees, both management personnel and consultants assigned to business travel clients, go through a specific training program tailored to meet the specificities and profiles of the client company travel program including:

  • - objectives, strategy, corporate culture
  • - individual expectations of the business travelers
  • - products, services
  • - geographical scope
  • - périmètre géographique
  • - travel policy
  • - service configuration
  • - logistics of ticket distribution between different sites
  • - the contractual requirements of level of service
  • - tracking cost cutting opportunities and the quality of the services delivered

The business travel industry training program

Our training program for business-travel consultants takes them through a comprehensive review of the industry: geography, terminology, drills with our professional distribution tools (GDS), specific training on the company’s operating systems and on FFTP’s corporate culture

They learn about tools, new products, emerging technologies, customer service and our quality charter. We have deployed an in-house training system. Managers who are “business travel experts” are responsible for training our employees in their own fields of expertise.

We leverage our in-house skills to provide extended training sessions on all the services offered by a travel agency (air, rail, hotel, car rental, online tools, and company-passenger profile). Every year at least one employee takes part in every training program offered by the APST, our TourCom network and our GSM Travel Management network


Lifelong training - Service improvement

On the job learning, the acquisition of new skills are key components in the personal development of FFTP's employees.

 This is why we organize on the job training, programs to develop our employees’ expertise. Travel consultants are evaluated on their sales skills, technical knowledge, client service and attitude.

Our training program is reviewed on a regular basis by our management staff. The courses are usually spread over 2 to 3 day periods during which we cover specific issues. We also have training programs designed for line and staff management.