83/100 Equal pay for women and men index

2005 Introduction of teleworking

62% Of teleworking hours in 2019

Social Time 

Human is at the heart of our company strategy. We are daily involved and responsible to those with whom we work every day and who are making our success. We fully assume our driving force regarding societal initiative, at the heart of current stakes that concern us.

Our social policy

  • Assure a favourable environment
  • Keep a flexible management policy
  • Consider collaborators as a lever of performance
  • Ensure professional fulfillment of all at the service of the strategy
  • Support perspectives based on mutual relationships

Social policyEqual pay for women and men index

Enhancing our collaborators 

Our collaborators are the most precious and we take care of them. Whether through our premises, our flexible and participative management or our formation plan we think that fulfilment at work is the dynamic key of our success. We favour evolutive and long-term relationships, give everyone the possibility to progress and to grow up with us. Every person is important, and all our collaborators are invited to express their ideas.

Active and suportive

As part of our social commitment, we support charities and contribute to the crossed stakes between the Company Societal Responsibility and this non-profit world rich of its difference.
Some organisations are our clients, others come from private affinities or are close to our partners. In this perspective, we also encourage our collaborators who want to get involved to sporting events, singular or more confidential. Surpassing yourself, respect for others and for the rules of the game, a taste for effort, solidarity and team spirit… so many values bound to sports practise and responding to the passion for our work which daily motivates us.  

Our commitment Sports Challenges