60,000 bounces

60,000: thats the number of companies filing for bankruptcy every year in France. Failure can be all the more difficult for entrepreneurs when they havent been taught that failing can be a learning experience, or better yet, a way to bounce back.
Created by an entrepreneur who himself experienced bankruptcy, this association is committed to helping other business owners to overcome their triple trauma: personal, professional and financial. And above all, to say goodbye to failure.
Their action is targeting business owners, new and old, so that they can benefit from a proper support, every step of the way.

Entrepreneurs too deserve a second chance


Working towards a future where men can live in harmony with nature, WWF's actions are based on two core principles: dialogue and respect. With an active network of over 100 countries accounting for 5 billion members, WWF is one of the first ever created associations whose goal is to protect nature on a worldwide level.
Officially recognized non-profit organisation since 2004, WWF is a leading player when it comes to the environmental protection in France, thanks to the support of its volunteers and its 19,000 sponsors. Because nature and mankind survivals are intimately related, we must help nature to regenerate instead of keeping on destroying it.

Lets fight together to keep this planet alive.


Auteuil Foundation was founded in 1866 to create, act and innovate for the benefit of children in situation of poverty and isolation. Originally dedicated to orphans in the aim to give them proper education and a trade so they could make a living, Auteuil Foundation has been adapting to modern social issues with regards to child welfare.

The Foundation is now dedicated to hosting and training children and young people, and working towards their social inclusion. It also helps students struggling at school to stay on tracks, thanks to specialized teaching.

Auteuil Apprentices Foundation manages over 200 establishments fostering 30,000 children and families in France. Outside of the country, the foundation supports 22,000 children and families.

Have faith in the future.