Frequent Flyer Travel Paris Reed & Mackay France collaborators have been mobilizing together for several years to fight against breast cancer..

This year, our collaborators, men and women, always more numerous, have proved their full commitment to this cause. We thank all these motivated collaborators for their participation and congratulate Grgory Biraud who won the second place of the podium during the 10km race!

Remember that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. During her lifetime, one in eight women will develop a breast cancer.

The ODYSSEA events have a particular positioning: it is a real charity event; they donate almost the entire amount of the registrations to the fight against breast cancer. They bring to the runners a solidarity dimension, as attested by the sums collected: more than 1,000,000 in 2017 for associations or research programs..

A "pink wave" always more enthusiastic, united and mobilized : http://www.odyssea.info/

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A solidary raid for young people:

The Argentina Trophy is the only rally-raid in Argentina headed for to the young from 18 to 30 years old.

On board the Chevrolet Corsa (typical Argentine car and local manufacturing from General Motors factory in Rosario), we crisscrossed the roads of the country to discover the Argentine landscapes. It is not a speed race but an orienteering race where only the mileage count. The race is composed of several stages including a marathon (stage in two days with a night in total autonomy).

As the little brother of 4L Trophy, racing is not the only goal of this project. Indeed, this sportive challenge is also a human adventure with a strong solidarity dimension.

The rally participants support Enfants du dsert association. Already partners with 4L Trophy in Morocco, the association extended its action fields to South America with new projects. Thus was born the collaboration with Vol de nuit association which works for the disadvantaged children in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Our facebook : Equipage N21 "Les Coeurs Coeurs Paillettes
Official website of the rally : https://edition2018.argentina-trophy.com/compte-a-rebours.php

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The Super 5 raid is a solidarity hiking. Its purpose is to encourage exchange between cultures and improve the life of underprivileged people in Morocco. The raid is, above all, conceived so that a maximum of persons can participate and discover Morocco in Super 5.

For the ninth edition, in 2016, Frequent Flyer Paris was eager to sponsor the adventure thanks to the solicitation of one of our collaborator.

It is precisely thanks to the engagement of our collaborators and their willingness to act that we can become part of projects which make sense for us. This was the case with this humanitarian raid. Thanks to different sponsors, the participants of the raid went to meet the villagers. They were able to provide clothes, medical material, school supplies and toys for children. Congratulations!

To learn more about the superFive Raid adventure : http://www.supercinqraid.com/

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Iron Man triathlon

The Ironman is a multidisciplinary race consisting of:

  • - 3,8 km swimming
  • - 180,2 km bike riding
  • - 42,195 km marathon

It is one of the longest triathlon existing: with a total distance of 226 kilometres, the Iron man was created in 1978 by John and Judy Collins. It was born in the state of Hawai in America, where the World Championship of Triathlon long distance (IRONMAN) is organised every year in October, since 1990. At Frequent Flyer Travel Paris, we are lucky enough to know an Ironman participant. His name is Jean Yves Pre, and he is one of our Business Trips Advisor (as well as one of the bravest athlete weve met).
Find out more about Jean Yves's achievement!
To know more about the competition: http://www.ironman.com/

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