3 ISO 14001 Certification cycles in 12 years of commitment

CO 1 Objective & 3 Solutions

10x Less paper consumed compared to national average



Green Time

At FFT Paris, we are permanently looking for exemplariness to:

  •   Adopt an eco-citizen behaviour at work
  •   Innovate in our market and meet our clients' environmental stakes

A constantly evolving process supported by the requirement of continuous improvement of the ISO 14001 standard since 2011.

Our environmental policy  

  • Propose an innovative client support
  • Respect a strict regulatory framework
  • Look for permanently improvement
  • Continue a historical process
  • Control our internal impacts

Environmental policy ISO 14001 certification 



An expertise at our clients' service  

The French regulatory framework obliges most of our clients to publish their GES balance sheet (article 75 of law n2010-788 from 12 July 2010 known as Grenelle II law). As experts in environment, we provide you with the statistics information necessary to your commitments. To go farther, our substitute process helps you to reduce your greenhouse gas emission and your costs. Finally, we help you to set up your voluntary carbon offset process. A dedicated project team examines your demands case by case and provides you the solution you need.



A unifying business project

Environment is a valued exchange vector among our collaborators, around shared and daily concerns. For us, awareness to environment questions doesn't go with private initiative, it's even the opposite.
We think that we have an important role to play as company, to achieve concrete objectives of reducing our impacts, of sorting, waste recycling, optimisation of water, paper and energy consumption.
We want to guide everyone to an ecologically responsible behaviour and actively contribute to the durability of our resources.