Our tools available 24h/24

Our leading edge technology tools offer the best end to end services to facilitate the business travel experience.

Online reservations

  • IT and online support : configuration, quality control, help desk and training
  • Choice among 3 online tools (ProBook, CorpoPlus, EasyBook) (issuance H-4, mmediate or deferred with or without approval process)
  • Hotel reservation tool (HotelBook)

Management tool integration

  • Expense reports
  • Mission order
  • E-billing system (simple or structured)


  • Mobile app "FFTP@RIS Companion"
  • Extensive Reed & Mackay proprietary technology suite (available during second semester 2019)
  • FFT-Geoloc : Risk management for travelers security


Our geolocation tool ensures travelers security and traking. The tool runs 24/24hours, 7/7days, 365 days a year . Each passengers travel requirements are recorded in real time with specifications on bookings, modifications or cancellations.

We can anticipage risks to a crisis situation that may impact the trip scheduling and react very quickly. We can alert beforehand and take necessary measures to continuously inform the traveler.

We alert Travel Managers and security services from our customer companies and we also communicate with the travelers family.